Avalanche House is committed to sustainability and are proud to announce a partnership with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation to reduce Avalanche events' plastic footprint.

Read more below about the sustainability initiatives, and learn how you can participate in helping us keep Avalanche events clean!

Bring your own cup or bottle

Keys? Cellphone? Wallet?....
Reusable cup or bottle? CHECK!

It's strongly encouraged that all guests pack and bring their own reusable cup and or bottles to Avalanche House in an effort to reduce product usage and seed a reusable culture for the future.

Easily use reusable

For guests who forget their cup or bottle at home, reusable cups will be available onsite at the bars and water stations.

You can reuse your cup throughout the event, or when finished, return back to the bar or in one of the cup return bins.

Avalanche House is measuring our cup return rate, so help us reach our goal by properly returning cups and not throwing in the trash or taking them home with you.

Fill up at the water stations

In lieu of water bottles, water stations will be located throughout the event for you to stay hydrated.

your food waste

Don’t throw your food or foodware away! We will have designated composting bins for all foodware including: cutlery, napkins, bowls, plates, and food containers.

Avalanche House reduces all food waste

There is no such thing as a perfectly planned number of attendees for any event. Therefore, Avalanche House will use the services of Copia, a left-over salvation organization able to re-distribute perfectly edible left-over food.

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